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Issue with Scheduled Projects


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I have a few PDF scheduled projects that are set to send on a monthly by day of month frequency, however, it seems that my recipients, even myself, are not receiving them.


I am an admin user so should not have any issues with this feature. I can also confirm that these projects are not flowing into a junk/clutter folder. I also receive other scheduled projects from other Adobe users.


I hypothesize that it's either an issue with my profile or with this specific frequency. I never had this issue at a previous company. Has anyone else experienced an issue like this? If so, any tips or tricks to resolve?


Confirming that I am able to receive hourlydaily, weekly, and monthly (by day of month) scheduled projects to a personal email address, but they are not being delivered to my work inbox (which my Adobe account is associated with).

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There might be an extra layer of security on your work email, one that prevents the emails from even getting to you (inbox or junk mail folder)... we have that sometimes on our work emails. You may have to talk to your IT department about allowing these emails through.