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Analytics entry pages vs Experience Cloud unique clicks


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We use email sent from AEC to drive traffic to our website. The email stats show unique clicks for each link that are often much higher (3+ times higher) than the equivalent unique visitors numbers reported on entry pages in Adobe Analytics.


If we look at unique clicks for an email overall, and compare it to traffic in the email marketing channel in Analytics, the difference is smaller but still quite big - maybe only two times as many unique visitors.


We do know the visits from users that don't conset to cookies aren't tracked, but this is a regular email promoting content on a membership organisation's website to its members, but is that enough to potentially explain such a big difference?

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There could be a number of issues at play... users clicking on a link in the email, but cancelling out before the page loads and trackings them in AA; Analytics blockers like Privacy Modes, Ad Blockers, and your own opt-out; there could even be a number of internal users clicking through that are excluded from your AA tracking via your Internal IP filters.


On top of that, is there a possibility of the email links getting redirected and losing the email campaign parameters? AA might still be tracking the visits, but if the campaign is being lost that traffic wouldn't be associated to the email....


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Thanks Jennifer. I guess the explanation must be some combination of factors as per your description. By way of example, an email sent last month recorded 1,454 unique clicks on one of its links. The page it linked to had 937 article views since then, and was an  entry page in 808 visits (707 unique visits). Filtering that by a parameter we added to the email links, those figures reduce to 724 and 639 respectively.


The numbers we're instinctively comparing are 1,454 with 639 - it feels like quite a big discrepancy? Does that look explicable to you, or does it feel like something's gone awry?


Presumably the unique clicks figure in the email should be accurate - am I right to assume IDs would be appended to URLs, such that unique clickers can easily be identified by the system and counted once per email?


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