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Hi Team,


I would like to know how exactly we need to capture data from internal audience i.e., from our own employees. Yes, we have excluded the traffic from internal audience. We have separate report suite excluding internal audience and also we have another report suite for both internal and external audience.


Here we want to capture only internal audience now. I can see dimension called "IP Address" but that functionality is not working under the segments. 


How we can implement this change to enable this segment? Any suggestion on this? 


Thanks in advance.

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Dear Prathap,

Once the easiest way to achieve this is using Processing Rules. Adobe Analytics by default will capture the IP Address and thus you can map it to any dimensions; exclude the same using segmentation. But the segmentation will be applied only to future data and not history.

If you want to segment the history of data, as said by Vibhatna, you should either reach your CSM to setup Vista Rule (Cost involved) or use Data Warehouse Report to exclude the IP Address manually.

Thank You, Arun.

Hi @PratheepArunRaj ,


Thanks for the response. I have created the processing rules with displaying internal IP ids (not specified in the image). Then created one custom variable under report suite and set up the rule here with custom values. i.e., internal / external traffic.



Tried creating segments with this to get the data. But I could not find the custom values i.e., internal traffic / external traffic under the segments. I'm not sure where I'm missing out. Do i need to add up anything?



Dear Prathap,

Data will capture after you setup the processing rules. Are you seeing the custom values in eVar3? If yes, try to set up your segment with eVar3 values.

Thank You, Arun.

@PratheepArunRaj Thanks for the response. Yes, those custom values are not coming up under the EVAR3. I followed the same process in the image. I have tried in the sandbox to check. I have to try in the real live account. But I'm thinking that will this affect any current setup? or do I need to check with DEV suite first? if so, will that affect other processing rules?

Hello Prathap,

You are going to add a new variable right? Not deleting or replacing any existing variable? Then it should not affect any other tracking.

What I would recommend it, try to capture the IP Address in the eVar directly and then classify it based on your internal and external list so that you can understand the IP Addresses as well.

Thank You, Arun.

@PratheepArunRaj. Thanks for the clarification about the impact on the changes. As you said, that the way I have done before. 1) Enabled one evar(example EVAR 3) in the name of Internal/External IP 2) Tried creating processing rules like in the image below. I have done these steps but could not find the custom values under the custom EVAR/Dimension. I'm sure that if I find the values under the EVAR only where I'm able to classify. In the first step itself, I was not able to get that. 



- To capture only internal audience we would suggest to get the VISTA rule created based on your internal IPs for a report suite with the help of Engineering services team. You can connect with your CSM to involve Engineering team. 

- Segment based on IP address only works for Data warehouse. So you can create a segment based on IP and apply that to the data warehouse request to analyze data.