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How could I calculate Entry Page Type in Adobe Data Feeds?


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Hi all, 

We're exporting Adobe Data Feeds information and we would like to calculate the Entry Page Type (c2). I was assuming (maybe wrongly) that this value is calculated in Adobe, taking the first Page Type (c2) of each visit (in terms of Adobe Data Feeds, when visit_page_num =1).

Analyzing the information, I realized that this is not always with this condition (sometime, entry page type is even changing in each visit)

Could anybody explain me, how Entry Page Type really works and how could I export this Dimension to Adobe Data Feeds export?

Thanks in advance. regards.

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Here is some information about Entry Dimensions:




Basically, an "entry dimension" is the first dimension value recorded within a session.... so it may not be the value that is set when visit_page_num = 1... 


However, if you are correctly setting "Page Type (c2)" on every page, it should in theory also exist when visit_page_num = 1 (but that's not the actual calculation). Basically per visit and user, pull the first value in your prop2 field and maintain throughout the visit.



How did you determine that the Entry Page Type is changing within the same visit?