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Google DV360 Clicks Vs Adobe Visits


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Hi ,


We see Adobe Analytics visits exceed clicks reported in Google. The difference is huge : 600 Clicks in Google vs 7000 vists in Adobe analytics.


We lloked at the Implementation everything seems to fine on page load .


Bots can trigger this traffic ? How do we filter this data in Adobe Analytics ? We have IAB bot rules already enabled .






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What do you mean by "clicks"? 


Generally clicks is a very different metric to Visits and you can't compare those....



In Adobe, there are "Visits"... in GA there are "Sessions" - are these the metrics you are comparing?


Is one of these a new setup? Are you sure that Google isn't the problem and is under counting? Do you have website, app, amp, etc set up in Google under different properties, but have all running into Adobe under a global suite model?



In Adobe, you need to make sure that you have Bot Filtering Rules enabled (I know you said you do, this is for the benefit of others who may come across this post):

Admin > Report Suites

(Choose Suite / Suites)

Edit Settings > General > Bot Rules


Make sure that your IAB Bot Filters are on


You can also add custom Bot Rules here as well... what is setup in your Google? Do you have custom filters (if in UA, or internal IP filters configured if GA4?)



In addition to this, you will also want to make sure that internal IP Filters are in place (a lot harder since a lot more people work from home, but hopefully people are using something like a work VPN that have dedicated IPs). To add these, you must go to:


Admin > All Admin

Under "Data configuration & collection", choose "Exclude by IP"

(This must be applied suite by suite - the active suite in the top right corner is the one that you are making changes for)


The big difference between the Exclude by IP and the Bot Rules (where you can also add IPs for filtering), is that the items in the "Bot Rules" will show up in special "Bot Reports" (these are supposed to be coming to Workspace before the old Reports area is sunset in December)



Have you confirmed that your tracking calls aren't being double/triple fired resulting in inflated stats? 


There may be other things to look for, but I am still concerned that you are comparing incompatible metrics (unless that was just a language barrier, hopefully you can confirm)