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AEM Asset Insights Extension in Launch configuration


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Hello everyone, I am working on enabling the Asset Insight Tracker on web pages and I am using the AEM Asset Insights Extension in Launch. In the extension, it says there that I don't have any configuration.


I am working on 3 context variables in this. The a.assets.source, a.assets.idlist and a.asset.clickedid.

The initial configuration of these 3 is that whenever I clicked an asset, the a.assets.source and a.asset.clickedid are showing in the link click beacon. And the a.assets.idlist is showing in the page load beacon of the asset's destination page.


My question is, how can I implement that all 3 context variables are be triggered in the link click beacon of the asset that has been clicked? Thank you so much.




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Hi, this seems similar to your other post:



I am guessing that not a lot of people here are using this extension, hence there's been not a lot of response...


This extensions seems very much "automatic" content, and it looks like the only control you really have is enabling Asset Insights on AEM.... I don't know if there are multiple places / contexts within AEM that require this to be turned on, but checking there might be the first step?




Posting the documentation again in case someone else finds this ticket and has the same issues... they don't have to hop over to the other question.