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Exclude a Date range in a segment for 1 rule only


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I'm trying to create a segment for a redesigned set of pages.


Most redesigned pages launched at the same time (February) on new urls so it's easy to create a segment containing these pages. However, one section (let's call it section X) only launched in July, and new URLs are identical to the old ones.


In order to understand how much traffic has been driven to section X, I can run a report from launch date onwards.


However, I need to create a segment that contains ALL redesigned site sections since the launch of the new project (i.e. February).


I've created a segment using the following logic:

Hit level segment with hit containers:

[Site section "A"] OR [Site section "B"] OR [Site Section "X" AND Date range = July until November]


However, it seems like the date range within my segment does not only apply just to the Site Section "X" rule but to all other rules within that segment.


Do you have any suggestions how I can create a segment that will enable me view all redesigned sections for date range February - November but with the old Site Section "X" URLs excluded? 


NB: if I only needed pageviews, I could aggregate data from the 2 separate segments but I really need to have a single segment that works for multiple metrics, including metrics like visits (that cannot be aggregated since the 2 segments would not be mutually exclusive).


I'll be really grateful for any suggestions.


Thanks a million,


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This is a different way to try it but will allow you some more flexibility.


The page metric.  all your pages via pagename or if you have URL could create a SAINT classification.


using the classification you could create against the key value a category.


Key value > New sub classification

Page name > Page section

Page 1 > February group

Page 2 > February group

Page 3 > July  group

Page 4 > February group


You will then run a report for page sections(trend them and you will get I think a good breakdown as you wanted. all sections plus New sections by PVs UVs vitis etc.


This will also allow you to based on your data allow retroactive data as well.







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Many thanks @Pablo_Childe. Can I just check, would this method not also pick up the old pages that were only re-designed in July (but have identical urls and all other page attributes)?




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Yes if the URLs are exactly the same but content has changed this will group them as such.


The sub cat report would then show them going back i time prior to actual change.


Will not be optimal then for you.

You could try to do an evar. On pages add a meta tag to feed the evar. Original design vs New updated. That way you have something that will allow to see changes over time for the same page.


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Hey @MichaelPB - Can you try changing the segment condition : 


[Site section "A" AND Date range = Feb till November] OR [Site section "B" AND Date range = Feb till November] OR [Site Section "X" AND Date range = July until November]