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Direct last touch channel with campaign attribution


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We are seeing utm_campaign parameters related to paid campaigns in the drill down for visits from a last touch channel of direct. I read other posts and made sure our direct channel was not set to override which it is not. Should we be seeing paid campaigns in Direct visits?


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Level 4

Which dimension do you use in the breakdown? This should not happen in the Last Touch Channel Detail if your processing rules are set correctly. But it's absolutely possible in combination with other eVars or Campaign variable. Check the expiration settings of marketing channels and the breakdown dimension.


Level 10

Hello  @e30powar !


I've totally been where you are - seeing campaign values when breaking down the Direct channel by the campaign eVar. While this may make you feel a little queasy, don't worry ...it is probably going to be okay.


There is a 2020 Summit Session called “Behind Every Good Report is Good Data” that talks about Marketing Channel Rules. Toward the end of this session, the presenters walk through some super common scenarios of break-downs that make it appear as if the Marketing Channels data is not right and they explain why the data is right -- and your scenario is one that they walk through!


The session is less than 20 minutes so you can watch it while eating lunch and, at the end, not only be full but also understand why you see campaigns when breaking down the Direct channel.