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Cross-brand checkout analysis


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I've just entered into a new role where I do digital analytics for several different retail Ecommerce brands. Up until a month ago I barely had any experience in Adobe Analytics/workspace so I'm reaching out for some advice and help on a particular question but also any insight on how to educate myself more/faster.

For the particular question: I need to do a check-out analysis of all the brands and see how they are performing at the check-out stages. My boss wants me to look at the experience for guests/logged-in users and also look at their experience if it's their first vs second time purchasing for both those user groups. He has a hunch that 1 of the 5 companies is more advanced at the check-out process then the others and if it's true he wants to be able to show that through data to the other brands to help them choose areas to improve their process.

I've done a little bit of research but it's quite hard to find information on direct questions for Adobe Analytics workspace. I'm thinking about doing a fallout report. Is this the right way to go? Any and all advice is appreciated.



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