Click discrepancy.

havast30460002 27-09-2019

Hi All.

I am relatively new to Adobe analytics, having always used GA. I have run numerous campaigns across various channels from Google ads to programmatic display and i consistently huge discrepancy in click data, all activity has been tagged correctly so i am at a loss as to what would cause this, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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havast30460002 30-09-2019


Yes it, whether its Facebook or Google there is a significant discrepancy. At first i thought that maybe the traffic it was being attributed to organic, but this wasn't the case.

pabloc82923542 27-09-2019

Just curious how have you connected the click data into Adobe Analytics?

I also feel alot of what you see is click fraud/bot type traffic. I often like to check referral traffic to align my ratio of error. The idea is that even if click data is unaligned then actual human based web traffic if still viewable.



There is always discrepancy, and there are plenty of causing factors. Some of them are as follows:

  • click fraud
  • ad blockers (block tag managers and analytics beacons)
  • slow server response/ slow internet connection on visitor's side (click happened, but browser window got closed earlier than the page was loaded)
  • server-side redirects that cut off the query string with tracking parameters
  • analytics code failure

What is the average discrepancy you observe?