Cannot publish segment to experience cloud via workspace





I have all of the prerequisites listed to have experience cloud:


I have on this enterprise Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics, and A4T. Additionally I have admin access, the report suites are set up, I even can see the check box indicating I can publish to experience cloud. But when I try to publish, and save, a segment in workspace, I get an error. I would create a support ticket but creating a ticket makes an error occur too!


Has anyone run into this? Does this organisation need Adobe Audience Manager to accomplish this?





Cameron Tarle

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Hi @cameront2125600 ,

Not sure if this was addressed. However, it looks like the Shared Profile hasn't been enabled for the report suite. This process basically creates a folder for each data source in Adobe Audience Manager which is required to publish segments from Analytics to Experience Cloud.

The setting can be enabled internally by Adobe and the Adobe Client Care can do it easily.

I hope this helps!




Maybe it was a temporary issue. Could you try again and share a screenshot if the error persists?