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I need to pull up a report in data warehouse which will give me bounce rate

I am aware this metric is not available directly and suggested to use Single Access/Entries.

However I do not see the metric Entries either in Data Warehouse

Please advise

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



one workaround is if you have a 'previous page' evar or prop that is blank on the first page of  he visit and then gets set in the same server call as the pagename you want the 'bounce rate' on.

you then create a segment where your 'previous page' prop/evar does not exist (you can't use plan 'previous page' which is there but at least for me never worked (ie the 90 day counts are all zero)

if you just want a specific page you can add that to your segment or just pull all pages without a 'previous page' prop/evar

then you get page views and visits metrics. visits/page views would give you a bounce rate. [Remember that each page will only come up in the data warehouse request when there is not previous page in the session cookie which makes it the first page in the visit. so visits for the page would go up by one and page views would go up by one. Any reloads wouldn't be captured because the previous page value is set in the cookie and retrieved and put into the prop/evar. [This is poor man's single page pathing]. We actually use the previous page for several things. Our site search happens on a page but the results page is where we record the internal search keyword. So if want to know where  the customer input the internal search keyword you need the previous page to break it down. or if you want to know all the internal search keywords for a specific page you need that as the previous page because the search keyword is recorded on the search results page.

in your s_code you use s.getPreviousValue ( the doc actually describes getting the previous page name and holding it for the next page view for reporting

var getPrev=s.getPreviousValue(s.pageName,'gpv_pageName');/* return previous value of designated variable */ /* Set prop12 to previous page*/ if(getPrev){ s.prop12=getPrev; } /* Place previous page into variable for later use */

and you now have the previous page recorded. this code goes right after you figure out your current s.pagename because that name then becomes the previous value.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)



To my knowledge you would need to use the standard Adobe Analytics report download or Data Extract as the noted bounce metrics are not available in DW.






Due to how the data warehouse platform operates, pathing metrics are not available there. this includes both bounces and entries.

what are the features in data warehouse you're wanting to take advantage of that's not available within reports & analytics or ad hoc analysis?