Big troubles with Natural search



Hello the community,


I have a trouble regarding the marketing channel analysis. All lot of my trafic is in referral even if this is in 7th postion.

The 1st one is paid search (and it's seems to be ok vs GA) but the second one is Natural search and I've just few visits vs GA.

This this our configuration :






When I look at workspace I have this report :

- marketing channel = referral /

- channel detail =

- search engine = unspecified



First question : How can I correct it to put in SEO and not in referral ?


Second one : 90% of my orders are assigned to refferal (with a lt of bank site and despite the internal url parameters). what can I do ?


Best regards for your help


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The screenshots look odd:

  • Only 9 Channels are set with the Rules but Workspace shows 13 Channels
  • The dimension that is set as a Channel Detail dimension does not look to be Referring Domain as the latter does not return "www." prefix. So it looks to be a custom variable, it's not clear how it's set.

The second criteria in SEO rule is not needed. I wonder how the Paid Search rule is set, maybe it's configured incorrectly and paid search is not getting intercepted before the Referral rule.


There are too many uncertainty in the shared input. I would advise to reread the documentation and then review not only the marketing channels, but also Paid Search detection rules.


Regarding the last questions, add the payment gates to internal filters to avoid conversion allocation to referrals.

Hi Andrey, what a pleasure to talk with an analytics star 😉 (I'm thinking to follow you're online lessons in a few days)


I understand your point and i'll will trying to explain some fo them.


- regarding the 13 Channels, it's because we have erase our old configuration that didn't work and now we have only 9 channels

- You're right for the Channel detail dimension. If I make a breakdown by refering domain 97.7% are in Typed/Bookmarked . What can I do we that ?




Regarding our paid detection rules you can find it below :





I don't know what wrong and even if my paid serach is bad, SEO is in second position so why the trafic is not intercepted ?


For the last question, I have already do this an I've add this option to my referral rules :


and Override Last-Touch Channel set to no pour the referral.


It's seems to be better.


What to do think about it ?


Thank a lot for your help.



Hi Bonit, begin with correction of the Paid Search detection rules. There should be listed the name of parameters rather than the values passed in them. For example, if you are using CID parameter for tracking codes or UTM tags, list them in the rules. This will guarantee correct detection and will have a positive affect on Marketing Channels too. Do the update and then in 1-2 days validate the reporting.



Thank for your advice, I will add new parameters. 


And regarding the rules for Paid search, do I deleted the option with tracking code ?


And for SEO I only let 



I do this and see you in 2 days 🙂


Best regards