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Adobe analytics


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We have implemented adobe dashboard in our application which is Live and been used by quite a few Users
Adobe dashboard statistics shows we are not getting repeat visits instead it is only showing as new visits.

When looking at the cookies (post accepting the cookies banner message but within the same visit) there is a cookie called 's_vi' this goes away when we close the page and reopen it - leaving just our application cookies.

Working URL : .local

Not Working URL: .[mycompany].uk


This is working as expected on our local machine and only if we use the development scripts.
When we start using staging or live environments, the cookies are not restored.
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Tell me more about the "application" what technology platform is it? Is this a single page app? is it some native type of app?


Is your site using some sort of cookie management like Onetrust?


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Thanks for replying Pablo,
Its a single page application created by using VueJs and yes it is a native application.
No we are not using OneTrust.