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Hey guys,

i have a short question and i hope that you can help me: There is a metric that is called "AdClick Click". In my opinion, it is a measure to measure who clicked on an any ad. How do I set "AdClick" to run only from a specific campaign and not all AdClicks as a whole? Is the way you can see on the screenshot the correct way? If yes, why? Because i think it measures only visitors, who are a part of that Dimension (Nummer (c99) AND clicked on any ad but not that speicif ad for this campagne. Or is this the result because of the "and clause"? If not, what do i have to configure?

The goal should be to show only the visitors, who clicked on the ad that leads to this Campaign.

Thank you very much!


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Amigo,

It's hardly possible to help you without full understanding of how the implementation is setup for these metric and prop99 dimension.

In most of the implementations the campaign traffic is tracked in the s.campaign variable that is usually named Tracking Code dimension. Build a freeform table in Analysis Workspace with the Tracking Code dimension and Tracking Code Instances metric. This will show you the number of click-throughs for each campaign ID. Filter the list to get only those you are interested it.

Then if this is aligned with what you are looking for, select the filtered lines and right-click to create a segment.

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