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Wrapping metric header text in Reportlets


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Here's how it looks in the reportlet:

And here's how it should look:

ADMIN'S NOTE: See the comment from benjamingaines on page 2. We need some feedback about possible solutions to this problem!



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Please see below, the text is cut off on many of the headers on my reportlets. In addition the columns are not aligned. This means I am unable to send any of them to stakeholders as the formatting is shocking. Red circle shows headers cut off, blue square is column data not aligned with header.





I agree with you, James; this has not been fully implemented. Thanks for providing the screen shot. One of the concerns, I think, is that wrapping the column header changes the height of the header row, which in turn impacts the overall height of the reportlet IF it continues to display the same number of total rows. So let's say you have a reportlet with 10 rows. We wrap the column headers and it has a VERY long metric name which wraps to a total height equivalent to three rows. Would it be better for the reportlet to now be longer, vertically, than the others? Or would it be better for the reportlet to show eight data rows (+3 header "rows") instead of the previous 10 rows (+1 header row), or would you prefer the reportlet to jut out at the bottom? Or something else that I haven't imagined yet? Please vote so we can share this feedback with the development team.


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Personally, I think the issue could be solved by tweaking the new dashboard functionality to have a little more flexibility in terms of reportlet size.  I like that there are now defined regions to drop a reportlet into, versus the infinite options that existed previously.  However, this also causes inefficient use of space at times, especially if I have one reportlet that has 10 rows of data (e.g. top 10 products sold), while another reportlet has only 1 row of information.


It would be great if there was an option to lengthen/shorten a reportlet a defined height, similar to how you can lengthen/shorten the number of rows or instances returned within the reportlet.  Then, once you have modified the reportlet height, the dashboard layout adjusts to show you where the next available space is to drop in a new reportlet.  This would solve the above question of how to handle an inconsistent header length; it basically places the decision of what to do in the hands of the analyst, which is important considering there is most likely not a "one size fits all" solution.   I could see someone arguing that they always want to have all reportlets be the same length for design esthetic, so having one reportlet jut out at the bottom could drive this type of person nuts.  However, a different person may be displeased with one reportlet only returning eight rows of data, when all others return 10, etc.


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I agree, we should be able to amend column width similar to the way rows are adjusted by the end user. Not sure how any of this affects the data that is not correctly aligned with the headers though?


PS - Would be good if I could get an email each time someone adds comments to posts I have commented on here? Just came back to review after a month and found all of these...


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Wrap the header and show less rows. I can always make the reportlet taller if I need using the 'legacy' dashboards with greater height flexibility. (On an aside, the I think the dashboard types should be more accurately named 'print dashboard' and 'online dashboard' rather than 'new' and 'legacy'.)


At least that gives me options, rather than forcing me into one I can't change.  I can often rename my metrics with shorter names if they are wrapping excessively.


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Just trolling thru old IDEA's like this - still not fixed in 15 either - We REALLY need this guys!


Makes even less sense when exporting reports to excel and the vaues on there are literally "XYZ..."


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Trolling ideas myself, and was happy when I saw so many votes for this, but saddened it's almost the end of 2012 and the problem still exists. 


This is a huge problem that makes the reports look really bad. This is the face of the product for many users, so it should be considered very important.


I agree not to worry about the length of the report and rows available. In the oulier case that a heading wraps to 3 rows, just show seven insted of ten rows of data. We can make it taller if needed.