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If Ad Hoc is going to die then Workspace needs to be an acceptable replacement. It is already better in many ways, but not good enough.

I hear 50,000 rows is coming. Good.

But we NEED the ability to send via FTP (and sFTP). We cannot stop using Ad Hoc until this happens (workbench is not an option for a lot of segments).

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100% Agree. I have clients who automatically pull files from the Ad-Hoc export into Tableau and this option is not available in AW



Workspace FTP functionality is an absolute NEED for us as well.  This is how we integrate data.  Processing full hit/click stream data to replicate complex segments and calculated metrics is not an option due to performance implications.  Not enabling this functionality in workspace will also create a great deal of IT overhead to reverse engineer existing data feeds, if it is even possible...

API access and adobe data warehouse options are not suitable alternatives.

Adobe, please migrate FTP functionality from ad-hoc to workspace!



jen.lasserGigazelle​ is this on the roadmap? Workspace needs FTP functionality.




It is currently marked Under Review and is on our backlog for consideration. We have a few questions for the thread that will help us determine the right solution. Please respond inline or feel free to message me directly:

- What are your primary reasons/use cases for needing FTP?

- Do you have security concerns with FTP? Do we need to offer SFTP?

- Are other delivery destinations (Amazon S3, Azure Blob) that need to be supported?

- If only Amazon S3 and Azure Blob were supported (not FTP), what would be the impact to your process?

Please let us know!



Thanks for your reply Jen! One of our Company’s use cases would be utilizing SFTP delivery to automate Workspace dashboards and auto publish them up onto our company’s internal exchange website. Standard email delivery is not supported for this effort. I could envision Amazon S3 and other delivery destinations being valuable for Workspace as well. As our company’s data science team heavily relies on Amazon S3. Our web analysts spend lots of time and effort making Workspace reports for the company. Having the ability to share and deliver Workspace reports out via modern delivery methods would only enhance Workspace’s value proposition and save time in having to replicate these reports out in other tools.

Impact on not offering FTP/SFTP would be that our inhouse data processing warehouses would not be able to receive direct STFTP/FTP from Adobe. Rather having to rely on raw formats from data warehouse etc. As Adhoc Analysis already offers FTP, if it were to sunset without Workspace being able to offer the same functionally we would have to re-engineer multiple reporting streams.    



FTP also is needed in our case because we have a system that cannot accept the published emails out of the workspace area. So our users cannot share artifacts through the 'share/ send file' functionality of the tool. FTP would give us a needed option of getting info out of the Adobe walls and to us....

Why? combination of a limitation of our system and the limitations of Workspace publish options.

  • Outbound email from Adobe’s Adobe Analytics Workspace publishing process arrive to us as completely HTML
  • oddly enough, we have a system which can only accept emails that are of a multipart type (that contain both html and plain components). So, our users of Workspace cannot send to the users of that receiving email system
  • There is no configuration within the Workspace publishing infrastructure (whether that be select-able by user or configurable by Adobe folks who operate the system supporting the Workspace publish process --- per info discovered Incident: 190911-000461) to change the HTML to a multipart type.
  • FTP would be an option of getting these reports into our walls which we could then move out to users with needed message formatting.

jen.lasser​ does this feature have any chance of making it any time soon?




This is something we are actively researching, I will be able to share more of an update in the spring. Thank you for sharing your use case for FTP/SFTP delivery!