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Workspace time range that mimics panel date range


Level 8


If i am using a freeform table with my metrics on the top and the time range on the i can create a new time range to allow me to see metrics for specific periods. This is great for reports but can be time consuming when analysing data and i want to quickly check different ranges or want to quickly extract a number. It also clutters up the time menu with lots of random ranges i've created.

It would be good if there was a report time frame which is whatever the date is set to in the top right of the panel. I can do this currently with the Year time frame and the date range is within the same year but as soon as you cross over a year you lose the total.





Thanks for the suggestion - not sure I understand completely.  If you don't have a time range component on top of a column, that column will automatically be whatever the panel date range is.

BTW, a sneaky little trick so that you don't clutter up the time menu - when you have a date range in the calendar that you want to use in a column (as a draggable component), you can simply drag from the panel date range calendar date and it will turn into a draggable component that you can use anywhere in your project (but it won't create it in your time menu in the left rail).