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Workspace: Project version history


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With our organisation my team is managing/curating a large number of Workspaces that are shared throughout our business.

Over time we are finding we need to make changes/updates to our Workspace projects.   We are finding that it is difficult to keep track of:

  • what changes have been made
  • when changes were made
  • why changes have been made
  • who made changes

It would be fantastic if Workspace supported some kind of version history for projects which included things such as:

  • an incremental version number, and record of the user amending
  • an ability to add a comment/notes when saving a new version
  • an ability to roll back to/view previous versions of a workspace


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@C_Evans isn't this now available? Under the "Project" menu selection "open previous versions"?


Edit: Oh nevermind, you get the history of the one, but thats not the full functionality of the original question.


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We marked this idea Delivered with the release of Project > Save with notes and Project > Open previous version earlier this year. 

If there are more ideas related to version history, please log them as new ideas in Experience League. Thanks!