Workspace: Automatically 'tag' components and projects




Understanding where components are being used is essential to our ability to efficiently maintain and improve our workspace set up.

As we are still waiting for Analytics on Analytics ( see Analysis Workspace: We need analytics on Analytics!​ ) one of the ways we have worked around this is to 'tag' segments, calculated metrics, and workspace project with the components they contain.

This makes segment, metrics and project searchable by the components they contain giving us a level of traceability not available 'out of the box'.  The downside of this is that it does require a fair amount of maintenance.

If we are not going to get Analytics on Analytics in the near future, please could you consider automatically tagging segments, metrics, and projects with the components they contain? (i.e. so that as components are added tags are added, and as components are remove, tags are removed)

Alternatively, just deliver Analytics on Analytics