Workspace: Add ability to add description for Adobe standard variables & classification variables



Current Issue:

Right now, users may add custom descriptions to eVar & prop dimensions, however users cannot add custom descriptions to Adobe standard "out of the box" variables or classification dimensions. This inhibits user enablement as it may cause confusion to users who do not understand what certain dimensions are intended for. See screenshots for what I mean:


Proposed Idea/Solution:

The proposed idea would be to enable Admins the ability to add custom descriptions to out-of-the-box standard Adobe variables (such as Product variable) and also to attributes that are built from classification columns.

Benefit/reason for request:

This will help enable users to understand what the definition/description for every dimension, and will promote user adoption, especially for customized Adobe implementations. Our Adobe implementation does not leverage the "Adobe tag". Rather, we use a proprietary tagging solution, and so a lot of the standard Adobe variables are not applicable to our account, and we want to be able to flag these with a description that says "DO NOT USE". Also, some of the standard Adobe attributes have been re-purposed for other uses, and so their default use-case does not apply, and we would like the ability to update the description of them so that it reflects the actual definition according to our implementation (as the Adobe help documentation only applies for standard Adobe implementations). For example, the "server" dimension has been re-purposed in our implementation to be populated with values that represent the page domain of a page URL in our implementation. We would like to educate/enable users of this logic adding a description to the "server" attribute, however we are unable to do this.

Thank you!

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I believe you can actually give a classification a description, it just doesn't show up in Workspace. Seems like that one would be pretty easy to do.



hmm thanks Mike. Yes, we would want the descriptions to be displayed in workspace, and available upon clicking the information "i" icon that appears to the right of the dimension when users hover over it.

I actually don't see an ability to add descriptions to classification variables, and we checked with our Adobe consultants and they also confirmed that there was no way to do this. Perhaps you can provide a screenshot step-by-step how to add descriptions to classification dimensions? This would be helpful!



When you add or edit the classification field in the admin, it gives you this modal. In addition to the name, there is a description field. However, that isn't pulled into Workspace. It does, however, pull into the old Reports pages at the top of the report.




Agree this would be a logical thing to include (also against the standard metrics) and would remove questions like what is the difference between a 'Cart', 'Cart Open', 'Checkout' etc without having to reference the user documentation.  The descriptions are shown here so could these show against the metric in workspace?

Metrics Quick Reference



I was about to write this myself until I found this one so brilliant idea! We have the same problem and even with something like "Visits" we have a massive self-serve user base and some of them probably even need some clarity on what that is.

One thing I would suggest adding though, if I may, is also include the ability to 'tag' out-of-the-box / standard dimensions and events. We find the tagging system really useful for giving calculated metrics, segments and workspaces a tag to group, identify a stakeholder set use case or a report / project that those things relate to. It's really annoying we can't tell users search for "#project1" and everything will be suitable for use.

Creating curated Workspaces is fine but it's a lot harder to enforce use of one than it is to tell people to use a tag.


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