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Workspace: Ability for users to grant "read OR write access" of workspace projects & components to other users


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As an Admin on the Microsoft Store account of Adobe, one of the most popularly requested features we encounter is the ability for users (non-Admins) to selectively grant "write-access" to other's Workspace projects so that teams may collaboratively edit one another's work. Within the same feature request, it would be great to have a view of the "recent edit history" so this way teams can track any changes made.

Current Issue:

Right now, users (non-Admins) are limited to only having "read-access" to others workspace projects and components (segments, metrics, etc.). This prevents teams from being able to effectively collaborate on projects. For example, let's say team member A creates a workspace project, and wants team member B to edit and update it.  Team member A may share it with team member B, but team member B cannot make any edits to the original version. Instead, team member B only has "read" access to the original copy. Team member B must "save as" a copy of the original project, and then make edits to the copied version, and then re-share the project to Team member A. This causes confusion as multiple versions of the same project are shared around, and it may not be clear which one is the most updated version, and it prevents effective collaboration.

Proposed Solution

To streamline the collaboration on workspace projects, it would be great for users to be able to grant "write/edit" access to other users who they share workspace projects & components to. There are multiple way that this can be achieved -- here is one idea:

  • Allow users to share "write-access" permissions to other users in two scenarios:
    • When a user shares a workspace project or component to another users, the original creator user will have the option to grant "write-access" to other users (or entire user group--this is another feature request).
    • When a user group is created, the admin can grant all users in the user group the ability to write/edit all the items that are created by members of the user group. In this scenario, user groups represent teams, and all team members will have the ability to write/edit any other team members projects or items.


Allowing users to collaboratively edit workspace projects will team collaboration across large teams. As Adobe is used by enterprise level clients who have large teams of digital analysts, this feature will greatly help with collaboration within the tool. It will prevent "multiple copies" of the same project being shared around, and will help ensure teams are all using the same version/copy. it will help users standardize methods of measurement, and streamline the process of creating workspace projects.

As I conclude writing this idea/feature request, I notice above the "publish" that there's an option to "add author" to this post. I imagine this "add author" option  is similar to the feature I'm requesting for Workspace. It would be great for users to be able to add multiple authors to their workspace projects.

Please add this feature!!!




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strongly support this idea. it is a pain in using workspace that users are not able to work together on the same project.

what I would love to see is a "project option" to enable/disable shared working. even think about to turn it on by default - but only for new projects