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Understand where segments and calculated metrics are used – to clean up without breaking anything


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A nice feature to get would be to be able to run a report showing me where a specific calculated metric or segments is used, in order to make it easy to clean up and streamline calculated metrics and segments across all suites, users, reports, dashboards etc…

It might be possible to get an overview over Discover Projects, dashboards, bookmarks and scheduled reports using specific segments and calculated metrics across all Adobe Marketing Cloud products.
More difficult to find may be non-scheduled Excel Client or Report Builder reports using any of those and in case those can’t be found (maybe by looking at what has been refreshed last 3 months etc.) a better warning in those reports telling the user that a specific segment or calculated metric has been removed/replaced by something else.

This feature would make administrating large enterprise accounts way easier that it is today. This will help us maintain a high reporting quality by users not knowing everything going on with the tool and our implementation.

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I think this is a good idea; in general I think the audit capabilities need looking at.  For instance, in addition to the segment/calculated metric issue mentioned, there's also no way to understand what variables are being used in dasboards,  or who's accessing which dashboards.


At the moment in a large scale orgnisation like the one I work for, it's almost impossible to make changes to the implementation with out breaking things!


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I started to write this idea too, but found this one. So lets start to promote again. Ben and others, are there any plans? This would be very useful even just for Workspace projects.

Sometimes there is no time to make perfect naming process with taggings to make it easier to clean these later, and sometimes services will end and you are left with unnecessary segments and calculated metrics. You can always delete your workspace projects, but that doesn’t clean/delete those segments and calculated metrics. Also, before I had several “SEO Visits” segments for different report suites, but nowadays you can use segments across different projects / report suites -> There are many duplicate segments etc, but hard to know which ones I could delete.


At the moment there are “ok” settings to filter segments and calculated metrics, but would be super helpful to see is segment X used in any workspace project or in calculated metrics and of course to see the names of these. Then we could filter all of these and delete all without the fear something stops working.


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Fully support this feature . It would also be nice from statistics perspective - which are most used segments, metrics, dimension etc!


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i fully support this idea! there is no way to have a full view what is beeing used at the reporting end.

just an input for a workaround:

for segments and calculated metrics you can use the API. just analyse the data, by excel or something similar ...


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The following two threads are duplicated by this:

Report to show where segments are used

Add Date Last Used to Segment Manager

I wish the forum platform would allow me to merge ideas, but for now, this idea should have 27 more votes than it currently has.


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This would be such a nice feature! We have many redundant segments and calculated metric, for historic reasons... But nobody is eager to break anything so they are left there. A cleanup is not possible and it is getting messier...


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This is something we are reviewing, and considering addressing in Component managers.

In the meantime, you can delete segments/calculated metrics and reports won't break. We soft-delete things on our side, meaning we still apply them in reports where they are used, even if you've deleted them. We did this so as not to break anything.

We also have a recommended process for deleting components as well: https://adobe.ly/2MUfxyW