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Try in workspace - Security Issue


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I have previously raised this point but it didn't get much attention.

We are very keen to share workspace wider with our users however we want to do this in a controlled way using curated projects. We don't want all users to have complete un-curated access. We wouldn't give everyone access to ad-hoc and workspace is now more powerful.

However we have found that users have found a way to bypass their access levels and create un-curated projects when they shouldn't be able to. They can do this just by clicking the 'Try in workspace' button in R&A. This gives them a completely unrestricted access to workspace when they shouldn't be able to. When we have external agencies able to do this then it is potentially breaking all sorts of data security processes.




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Hi JoeBlackwell​  - thanks for submitting this idea, I agree full access is not something you would want to provide. I wanted to make sure you're aware of two features (one available now, one coming on Thursday, October 26):

1 - Available now, you can limit access to metrics and dimensions at a User/Group level via User Management. This way, if there's a need to deny access to certain events/evars/props, this can be done at a level deeper and more secure than curated workspaces. Customize Metric Permissions and Customize Dimension Permissions

2 - On 10/26, we're releasing a feature to easily curate the metrics/dimensions available at a Virtual Report Suite level: Early Access - Adobe Experience Cloud Release Notes

Hopefully one of these two options will make life easier for ya.