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Sparkline in Analysis Workspace Tables


Level 9


It would be extremely useful if we could have an option to add sparklines to tables containing metrics.  See the below example.  This would enable users to:

1. Create workspaces with less tables and visualizations.  Allowing for faster and more efficient workspaces.

2. Analyze data faster.

3. Isolate where we need to dig further faster.

4. Reduce dependency on report builder for similar purposes.

See below for an example.  Let me know your thoughts.






Cool idea!  We will consider for the future.  One thing we are also playing with is the idea of a "KPI visualization", which would allow quick summary number / sparkline / Up-down trend indication all in one.  Thanks!


Employee Advisor


If anyone that upvoted this idea is interested in talking to us more about this idea, please message me with your email address. We'd like to get some prototype reviews scheduled in the next few months. Thanks!