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Segment Management in SiteCatalyst 15


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When I moved to SiteCatalyst 15, the list of segments available in the drop down was cluttered with segments created by several users in the Data Warehouse and Discover.  Many of these are variations on best practices with the same names as the Global segments.  Is it possible to make the segment appear only to those who created them unless they share them or users proactively add it to their list as dashboard and bookmarks are currently managed?


Is it possible to have a manager similar to the Customize Menus interface to group and toggle visibility for some users/groups?  Toggling visibility by group would be handy in Customize Menus too.


Overall SiteCatalyst v15 is amazing.  Adobe Omniture has definitely taken it to the next level.  Bravo!



Level 1


In companies where SC15 is opened to self-service for many users (and not restricted to the analytics team), segment management is indeed a requirement. 


In our case SC is used by some 50 users on basic level. Moving to SC15, we would like to restrict the ability to create segments to Admins only because:

- creating segments requires some experience

- once created segments cannot be verified, those are very prone to error

- it is very easy to take faulty decisions based on faulty segments 


This functionality could be implemented in the Admin Console - User management, create a group "Segment management" which is by default available to admins only. Other users can see all the shared segments, but they are not allowed to build any new ones. 


Level 3


When users create and share a segment in Discover, that also appears in the SC15 segment menu.  Problem is that we can't (as admins) delete or prevent these segments appearing.


A segmentation managment tool would be very helpful.


@MarinaMuncescu admins can create report suite segments, which is ok and allows some control / verification / sharing


We'd like to see:


  • ability to hide and manage segment visibility across SC, Discover and DW
  • to ensure that segments created by users in SC15 are only visible to those users
  • provide some mechanism to share segments between users (so someone builds a super complex segment in SC15 but wants to share with their team - how can they do that?)
  • Once a segment is built in the SC15 interface to have the list automatically refresh - at the moment we have to switch report suites to get the segment to become visible - not good if you are wanting to create a few in SC15 at once


Level 3


This is totally required. Echoing Marina's point, without being able to manage the segments we introduce risk that inexperienced users create segments incorrectly leading to misreporting.


Level 1


It would be great to be able to copy SC15 segments between reporting suites so that they don't have to be created multiple times. It would also help to keep them all in sync and avoid them being different if you update some reporting suites and not others.


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I would think a drop-down may not be the best interface. Perhaps a pop up window with scrolling contet.  Along with a checkbox for the segment selection, you could also show the user that created it, as well as comments and some details about the segment create rules and variables.


Level 6


No just folders but the ability to open/close those folders. So that instead of scrolling through hundreds of segment definitions you can scroll through a few topical folder names and open the needed folder to find the segments defined in that folder.


Level 9


Right now we can only use an existing segment or create a new one. I'd like to be able to check a box next to the segments I'd like to combine to make a new one. For example, we already have a segments for:

  • US Visitors
  • Facebook Visits
  • Repeat Visitors
  • Visits w/Purchase

If I could go through, check each one off and combine these for a new segment (think: AND not OR), I could save time and not clutter the list of segments. With so much time spent on ad-hoc analyses, having the ability to quickly build a segment then trash it or decide to keep it if I'm likely to use it again. Also having the ability to push these segments globally so everyone accessing a specific report suite or all users within my organization would also be a big help. Otherwise I need to go in and recreate these in the Admin Interface.


Level 1


Provide ability to organize/ Folder structure for Segment management would be very helpful...

And i guess even for Dashboards... it would be good to have a folder structure



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