ReportBuilder: Ability to copy datablocks within a spreadsheet/workbook/tab



Currently, ReportBuilder does not allow for copying of datablocks from spreadsheet to spreadsheet and/or worksheet to worksheet.  It's very unproductive to recreate datablocks over and over again when they could just be copied and modified accordingly.  ExcelClient had this capability and it would be great if Adobe ReportBuilder (ARB) could have it as well! 

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Apologies if I am misunderstanding, but I think this functionality already exists.



If it does, we haven't been able to reproduce it and neither can ClientCare, but if you know of a way to do this, please share Smiley Happy



If you right click on the cell below the header. A5 in this case, you will see "Copy Request" if you then select a new cell and right click, there is a "Paste Request." Is that what you are looking for? It works between worksheets. I have not tried it between Excel files.

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Report Builder already functions as described in the original post.


You can copy requests and paste requests as depicted in the screenshot above.


You can also copy the entire worksheet with requests, which is located under "copy request" in the screenshot above. After you "copy the worksheet with requests" simply right click again and it will say "paste worksheet with requests", if you click paste it will automatically create a new tab for you in the current workbook with all of the requests on that new worksheet.


If you want to copy and paste requests or copy and past entire worksheets with requests to a new workbook just make sure you open a new workbook by simply going to the menu in the current workbook that you are using and open a new blank workbook, after you open the new workbook you can paste requests or entire worksheets with requests in the new workbook. There is another way of doing this, but it is not necessary if you follow the above example.



Works like a charm!  Thank you.   Also, there is this link to more information but clearly this documentation needs to be more detailed