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Pareto Analysis




Hi there


I was working with Adobe Analytics Workspace and wanted to create a pareto analysis for a customer. The business question was, which top-products generate more than 80% of total revenue.

When I tried to build this Report, I used the advanced function "cumulative" for calculated metrics. But the result was not what I expected, because it summarizes the values of the revenue in a random order. Also there is no visualisation of the data that combines a line (for the cumulative % of total revenue) and a bar graph  (for the revenue of each product) and actually perhaps also a manually settable line (see red lines in the picture), so the user can set the line for example at 80% and knows which products generate more than 80% of the revenue or to set the line after the first x products and sees then how many of the revenue these products generate. 


Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 09.52.06.png


There are also a lot of other questions that could be answered with a pareto analysis: 

- which customers / browsers / regions generate 80% of revenue? 

- which errors cause 80% of problems? 


Thank you for considering this. 


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Very interesting idea, and I can honestly say this isn't something we have heard before. Definitely worth considering as a new visualization type.