Optimize Pagenames/ Element Names on Dashboards/ Reports



Our Pagenames starting with a Web, Country and Language identifier. So all pagenames have the same first 12 characters. This is quite good for using the filter but bas when doing path analysis or building dashboards.


Example 1: In the Previous/ Next Page Flow Report the pagename is cut after 23 characters. The full pagename is only visible by mouseover. If you print the report as PDF and sent it out, nobody is able to use the report.

-> It would be great if longer pagenames would wrap on two lines. There is space enough!


Example 2: You'll not get happy if you building a dashboard and using the tables. Pagenames, Trackingcodes and Product Strings are cut after a few characters. Sometimes you can see things like this: abcd.....xyz.

-> It would be great if columns could be editable. For example the percentage column is most of the time useless. I would like to take it out and use the space for the pagenames/ trackingcodes.

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similarly, props only capture 100 characters - it would be great if it could be extended too.