More flexibility on time period definition

joaoq76093572 12-06-2019


I think that as a business, it's important to have flexibility on selecting reporting and reference dates so that we can get MTD vs previous MTD or YTD vs previous YTD. Example:

- May 12 2019 we had 1000 visits

- May 12 2018 we had 950 visits (ref period)

This would require to be able to define the pretended reporting period time vs reference period time as we used to have with DaX Comscore.

Is it possible to add that functionality?


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David-123 12-06-2019

Would the below do this?


joaoq76093572 12-06-2019

Sorry, I meant:

From 1st of May to the 12th vs From 1st of April to the 12th (you can't select same period).

David-123 12-06-2019

I see,

At first this does seem like something that would be do able however given the number of days vary per month I don't think this is possible at the moment. Good suggestion.