Marketing Channels--increase functionality



I want to build some Mktg channel rules based on Sprops AND existing Saint Values.  So on top of the evars, we'd like to have sprops & saint rollups.  I feel like if I don't have this, I'm recreating the wheel....

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I agree, would love to see more integration with SAINT classifications. Ideally, instead of setting the values equal to tracking code being able to set the value equal to a classification.


Also, would like to add that i'm a big fan of marketing channels and its something that i've been hoping omniture would add for years. Definitely a step in the right direction.



Just echoing the need for setting up Marketing Channel processing rules based on SAINT attributes. A lot of companies use one or two parameters to capture campaign information for all channels, which makes creating these rules very difficult.


It's nice to think that every company has a good strategy for identifying their channels in a friendly way, but in the real world we know that isn't always the case Smiley Wink



I would also like the ability to setup Marketing Channel rules based on SAINT data. We rely heavily on the classifications behind our tracking codes in order to identify the marketing program attribution.



I agree with the above. Also, I'd like to be able to use segments in marketing channel reports.



So, to be clear, you want to be able to say something like:


If the tracking code belongs to [SAINT field such as Campaign or Campaign Owner] value x or y or z, put it in the Affiliate (or E-mail, Search, etc.) channel?


Or are you saying that the channels themselves should be more like SAINT classifications, so that a rule ("If Referring Domain contains '' and Query String contains 'q=', channel is Search") is not permanent?


(Or maybe these are the same thing?) I guess what I'm looking for are some specific examples of what you'd like to be able to do and how it would work.



Example.  Sprop 10 & Evar 5 is my external tracking code.  I have a ton of tracking codes categorized as "Corporate Marketing", "Editiorial Alerts", "Content Distribution Partners".  Unfortunately, we are unable to use various query string parameters on our end & they all use the same query string paramenter so I would have to define these manually.  Instead of saying Query String Parameter=, I would say "Saint Rollup Value of X="Editorial Alerts".


Make sense?