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Make Paid/Natural Search Keywords built in eVars for Classifications, etc.


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Make Search Keywords, for Natural & Paid, native built in system variables (at least eVars) so that we can Classify them for Segmentation, Pathing, Fall Outs, Path Finder, etc.





@keith_macd: Thanks for doing the leg work! I will combine these ideas into a single entity so that the votes are aggregated. This definitely helps us understand the priority. Keep the great ideas, votes, and comments coming on this!


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I appreciate you can using a prop or eVar copy over the value from Keyword in to one of these to classify but what would be really useful is to be able to out of the box SAINT Classify traffic source keywords. I expect this is the same with most companies but we want to be able to build a report that is one column for SEO Brand Terms and one column for SEO Non-Brand terms, which should be simple. Having to push this in to another variable to classify seems unnecessary especially given it's not as robust as using the standard variable used round the business.