Make calendar events report suite specific



Calendar events should be associated with the report suite and not the user.  Alternatively you could give the admin the ability to push calendar events to other SiteCatalyst users.

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One thought.  If you have it associated to a report suite, then charts could become cluttered with calendar events created by multiple users.  For the users that don't create calendar events, there may need to be an show/hide option added.





So glad to hear this.  We have hundreds of calendar events for various URLs and have been asking for this feature!  It will make viewing these events less cumbersome.  Thanks for listening!



We have over 30 different report suites, and we do not use calendar events because of the amount of events that would show up.


The calendar is supposed to aid in identifying key events that might be impacting trends. It doesn't make much sense to see events from one site overlaying data of another site.


I also disagree with @rkitchen. I think that companies often overlook the fact that any event from any department can potentially impact traffic, conversion, or behavior on the site. A Firefox upgrade breaking the registration funnel could be huge insight as to why conversion declined for 5 days. Ad sales launching an overlay page that pops up over your home page, could be used to understand why exit rate has increased during the Valentine's weekend.



I completely support a rework of the calendar events. In it's current state, they are completely unusable by us. We have a variety of sites and clients, each having specific events and other calendar notes they'd like to add.


Each calendar event should allow you to select the report suites it applies to, and let you specify if it is a public or private event. (Private = only on your reports.)



there is a rich set of notation available in the Omniture Insight product, that could be leveraged somehow in the sitecatalyst application - basically has a journal entry component with an excel type interface that allows you to right words, and reference numbers, to be able to communicate what is going on in specific reports.   Even something as simple as a journal tab that allows for the recording of key events, and when you lap those events annually, monthly, weekly, or daily provide commentary when looking at a trended view.



I would love to have calendar events that could be used for a specific reportsuite (one or multiple) and could be either private (user account specific) or global (for all user accounts). Global could only be set by the admin. Private by every user account.



Like others here, we have multiple report suites for 20+ different URLS. Calendar events in their current existence are unusable by us - URL #1 doesn't care if the server for URL #2 went down Smiley Wink. We use an offline system to record events and marry them up during analysis. Being able to combine our offline process in to Omniture would streamline our process and increase ability for multiple users to analyze and be able to accurately define causes in traffic trends - especially when we are putting together a yearly report and the event happened in January!



The asnwer seems straightforward: Suite-specific calendar events, but only admins can set them.


A "hide-events" option in reports would be a nice addition, but it should NOT be a sticky option, i.e., events always on by default, but I can selectively hide while viewing a chart.



@hilamonster I agree with you that cross department calendar events are valuable.  My suggestion was strictly cosmetic.  If the calendar events are moved from the user level to the report suite level, you might change from a few per user to 50-100 calendar events per report suite, for example.  I am guessing that with the current implementation and possibly any implementation, the chart would not look good with 100+ calendar events.  So my suggestion was more that the user might want to hide the calendar event noise if there are too many in the time period being viewed.  Probably a better solution would be to have a maximum number of calendar events allowed on a chart and have the user select which ones should appear.