Let me hide percentage columns as option

normcloutier8 17-02-2010

In many of our custom reports, the percentage of the line item to the total values collected is misleading and meaningless.

I should be able to hide it and have that decision persist when I bookmark, download or email the report.

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westcoastwahine 18-03-2010

Yes!  Ditto for Discover...

In SiteCatalyst 14.7, go to Report options > Percent Shown as Number or Graph. This setting is saved in bookmarks and scheduled reports.
markc44481791 08-04-2010

Actually this is not fixing the idea.  It is a really nice feature to change the numbers to a graph bar now instead of a number - but the idea and need here is to have a third option of "None" for the percentages.


This Idea needs to be re-opened. Thanks

normcloutier8 08-04-2010

Agreed; this was not implemented. I was looking for a switch that had been added to hide the percentages and saw nothing this morning. Slightly disappointed with an otherwise great release.

Thanks for clarifying. To restate (and make sure we understand) in the case of custom reports, bookmarks, and scheduled reports, you want the option to completely disable the percentage column. Sound right?
normcloutier8 09-04-2010

Exactly. Thank you.

drugg15 12-05-2010

Yes! Please get rid of this stupid feature! It's limiting how many metrics you can have in a dashboard.

jeff_terry 24-05-2010

To hide this in all versions of Dashboarding would be extremely helpful.  The New Dashboards as well as Legacy Dashboards.

adierl 02-06-2010


Just got the same request from a user. Hiding the Percentage in reports.

Not very meaningful if you have a trended view and selected some low traffic items. It's always showing 0.0%.

parrishioner 09-06-2010

Yes please! In dashboards especially the % column gobbles up way too much space. I would probably hide it at least 80% of the time.