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Fallout Where Next Page Is Not <Specific Page/Event>


Level 4


I have an abandonment fallout path I need to create where visitors start Checkout Start>go to any page(s) BUT Thank You>start Checkout Start again>then Thank You page.  The trick is that I can't just put the Checkout start twice because there needs to be at least one page in between them (rather than a reload).

Rather than create a sequential segment and drop into the checkpoint, it would be great to be able to have a condition of NOT as a stand alone in addition to Eventual Path and Next Hit.  That way we could create Checkout Start>NOT-Thank You>Checkout Start>Thank You

Also it would be great to have a Next Visit condition as well.  It would have to be available only if the Visitor option is selected.  An example would be Checkout Start>NOT-Thank You>Next Visit-Checkout Start>Thank You

It's certainly different than the NOT condition, but would be useful for helping to understand multi-visit situations.