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Extend purchaseID, transactionID and eventID beyond their current 20char limits


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Hi guys,


I'm increasingly running into situations where I'd like to use a full or transaction identifier from a 3rd party platform as a common identifier for SiteCatalyst's s.purchaseID and s.transactionID variables, however I can't as they are beyond the current 20char limit specified by SiteCatalyst.


Likewise, if I want to serialise my custom events against a shopping cart generated session id, I can't as this id is typically longer than 20chars.


Given that props are 100chars, and eVars are 250chars, I would love to see s.purchaseID, s.transactionID and eventID extended to at least 100chars so that I can use them as intended.


Cheers, Jez



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This is a big one.  Lots of work arounds have been created to do something with the 20 char limitation, but it is an every increasing problem as few systems have GUIDs or unique IDs that are fewer than 20 characters.


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Yep.  Still an issue.

I've seen so many situations where a simple prefix of a date string or a siteID would provide the uniqueness needed, but alas... 20 characters. 

I've also seen the situation that Adam mentions where the orderID is just too big for 20 characters.

The worst feeling ever is to tell a client that they've been feeding 24 characters into purchaseID for several years, but four of those characters were thrown away...