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Event Visibility & Data Warehouse


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I did contact Client Care about this as I believe it's a bug / defect but they advised it's working as per design, if so the design would seem to be a bit flawed.

The introduction of visibility control for an event was a great idea (though I'm still waiting on the same for dimensions). The concept of hiding except for builders so the front end isn't bombarded with unnecessary events makes a lot of sense, we can rely on calculated metrics to surface what we want, how we want and with any necessary modifications (e.g. segments or calculations). What doesn't make sense to me though is that to me the idea was about making things easy in the front end, Data Warehouse however can't use calculated metrics which means if you want to use any event in Data Warehouse you can't use the function. I would view Data Warehouse as a 'builder' given you can't use calculated metrics (in the same way you can't in builders) and it's designed for more technical users getting out large scale data.

Not being able to access these metrics in Data Warehouse has meant we can't actually use the brilliant feature, which is such a disappointment, please help!