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CSV export should match UI View


Level 2


When creating a calculated metric, we are given the option on how many decimal places. This setting only applies to the UI in function as any export of the data via CSV shows the decimal equivalent. The exported data should match the UI/setting for the calculated metric.

For example, we are using the Approximate Count Distinct (dimension) for one of our variables. While we appreciate the complex algorithm used to come up with this calculated metric, the option of setting number of decimal places should continue no matter how the metric is consumed.



Level 2


Even though the description of this post is tied to calculated metrics, the title alludes to all on screen should match an export.  Since Adobe is investing in the workspace UI, including via CJA, you would think this would be something that is just a given.  I received word from engineering stating in response to requesting a bug be opened to address the mismatch, "This is currently working as designed. Summary numbers have never been included in CSV reports."


Please remove Archived status tied to this post and see about addressing.