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Cross session tracking/pathing


Level 6


Allow us to pass a unique visitorID to Sitecatalyst, and base on this VisitorID, have 3-5 special variables which can store cross session information. 


For example, 

I am on a home computer, logged in as VisitorID='Joe' , and this special variable(let's call it s.crossVisit) is set to 'Desktop'




then I go to tablet, and logged in, I have these.




in the report for this special variable, I will see this.



Basically, it is simular to the prop pathing, except it can span multiple session based on a unique visitorID.  When I do a breakdown of this variable with another variable, for example, by Page.  It will show a list of pages seen by this path, and pages are color coded based on the device's value in this case.  So 'desktop' pages will be highlighed in blue, and 'tablet' pages will be highlighted in yellow.  Also, put a star above the item that has triggered a purchase event.


something like this.




I can think of many other use for this variable if it exist, for example, campaign.