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Start tracking actual Referrer Data for Mobile Apps


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Beyond the install referrer data that comes from the App Stores... with Universal Linking and Deep Links so prevalent now, we are losing potential referrer attribution for traffic that comes to our mobile apps.


Yes, we can track our campaigns, but I would love to be able to attribute Natural Search or Organic Social Media that trigger Universal Linking to our Mobile Apps.




Why is this feature important to you

Most sites/apps are using Universal Linking, this means organic traffic that opens the app directly is unattributed.


How would you like the feature to work

Not sure if Deep Links and Universal Links have referrer headers (in theory they should, since they are still web calls), that referrer data should be captured and processed. Directly opening the app (with no referrer) would be attributed to "Typed/Bookmarked".


Current Behaviour

Mobile Apps currently have no referrer instances and no referral data at all... in the past, this was somewhat expected since the Apps were always "opened", but now, there are so many ways that apps can be opened directly that I think it's time for a shift.


Then when we pull a referrers report, the App can be included in the data.