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Create NEW Project from Panel in Adobe Analytics Workspace


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Description - I would like the ability to simply create a NEW project using a single panel or collection of panels from an existing Workspace.

Current Behavior - Currently, you have to open the project you need, in a separate tab, create a BLANK project, go back to the open project, select "Copy panel," return to the BLANK project, and then "Insert copied panel."  OR, the other option would to SAVE AS, and then start deleting panels from the project (not fun).

Why is this feature important to you - Oftentimes, I have larger workspaces that contain singular panels that may have relevance in a one-off report.  This becomes an operation of efficiency and improve productivity in reducing the amount of time I have to either copy and paste between projects or save a large project and then start deleting multiple panels.  Also, I might not always need to save the new project if I'm just doing a data review or pull for quick turnaround.  The goal is to prevent me from contaminating an existing project I use on a frequent reporting basis.

How would you like the feature to work -

  1. Version 1: Add the option to "Create new project from panel" to the list of drop-down choices.
  2. Version 2: Add the ability to select MULTIPLE panels and then provide a list of relevant options, including:
    1. Copy panel(s)
    2. Create new project from panel(s)
    3. Duplicate panel(s)