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Count repeat instances


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Please make this option available on a report level.

Many I want to have them counted except flow report. If I add a flow report to a project I always need to toggle back and forth with the "count repeat instances" option.



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ad-hoc analysis has a setting where you can enable/disable repeat instance count. This setting should be included in analysis workspace.


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Hi,  the bounce rate data of our Mobile site is inaccurate in Omniture (waaaay to low).  Turns out that Site catalyst counts repeat instances (as suppoed to GA) and the reloads of the mobile site skewes up the data.  On Ad Hoc there's a feature where one can choose wether or not to count repeat instances.  I think it is very important to make a 'do not count repeat instances' setting available in Site Catalyst and Report Builder ASAP.

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I want to revitalize this idea. Making it report specific would be fantastic.  At the very least, please make it project specific!  


We have had many a heart attack after working on one project with repeat instances turned off (for a flow), only to open a saved report and have our numbers look like they are way lower than the last time we opened it, since repeat instnaces are still turned off, even though that project was last saved with them on.


This has been a big thorn for us, and it looks like others have been asking for a repeat instance toggle in Analysis Workspace too, so maybe it can get accomplished in both places?




@Stef: I believe this is still only in Ad Hoc Analysis. We are looking at adding it to Analysis Workspace, specifically for the Flow visualization. Other than that, I don't believe this is among hte many features we are currently working on. 


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Just note everyone that the "Repeat Instances" Checkbox has no effect on Flow Reports in Analysis Workspace. 


As for Dave1, just use "Single Page Visits" and create a metric "% of Single Page Visits" on the fly. Single Page Visits makes way more sense than Bounce Rate where every little Event Hit causes a non-bounce.