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Consider a rate limited approach to API rather than pay for API tokens


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In this day and age free API access is becoming increasingly common for all enterprise and SMB level products. This is particularly common in the SAAS world. Yet Adobe are still taking a pay for token approach to API access. 


At the end of the day clients are hitting your API via the sitecatalyst reporting API (un-restricted), via report builder (un-restricted), via data warehouse (un-restricted), via SAINT (un-restricted), via Dashboards (un-restricted) etc etc 


Yet if we want to hit your API directly you charge for that service. It seems absured that there's an additional cost to qeury your API directly. I understand that you might want to limit how many programatic hits your API would recieve so I am suggesting that you move to rate limit approach not a token approach. E.g something like you are alllowed 1 request every 5 seconds on average would give customers a huge amount of freedom. It would also have the added advantage for Adobe to have a real active developer commuinity. 


I believe this will become strategically important commerical offer for Adobe as more and more clients look to tightly integrate data products and services with analytics. 

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I would like to see more control over token usage. Especially to assign a number of tokers to each API user instead of the entire number of tokens spread over all accounts.