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Compare dates in Site Catalyst


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I want to be able to compare periods on all reports in Site Catalyst. For example in "monthly unique visitors" it should be great if I can compare the summer months in 2010 and 2011 and see the difference. Is a common problem that you can´t get this in the same view/report.



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In certain competitor analytics products, once you set a "compare dates" range it persists as you move from one report to another, until you turn it off.  MUCH better than having to re-set the comparison in SiteCatalyst every time you look at a different report.


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Ok! And it just possible to compare periods in a few reports.It´s seems obvious that Site Catalyst should have this too. I hope the function  will come.


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I want to compare This Year vs Last Year hourly Site Metrics data (Revenue, Orders, Visits, ec) in SiteCatalyst ver 14. 


Currently, when i choose hour, it shows an error message san't have more than 14 days for hourly granularity. 


Please advice when this will be live.


Gaurav Gour




I can't agree more.  Any report that can be generated for one date range should support the compare date ranges feature.  It would be nice if it defaulted to the same number of days/months/hours when you opened the compare as well, but still be overrideable.  I agree that this compare should stick as you navigate reports as well, just as single date ranges do today.



I can't agree more, date comparison in all reports would allow marketers to easily compare data in Adobe Analytics, without running Ad Hoc or Exporting data to Excel/use RB.




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I can't believe that this is STILL an issue with SiteCatalyst. The option to compare date ranges is one of the most basic and critically useful features of an analytics suite. The fact that Adobe hasn't figured out how to do this, while Google has had date comparisons for years, is an embarassment.


Adobe, this is not a tough nut to crack. You clearly have the capability to do this. Why haven't you built it?