Change a Users Default Report Suite

mravlich 19-04-2018

As an Adobe Analytics admin, I want the ability to update, change, and set a users default report suite at any time. Issues arise when a user creates a new project in Workspace, begins to perform analysis or the building of segments and metrics and then realizes afterward that they have defaulted to the wrong report suite. This is an issue if the user was defaulted to a report suite when their account was created but that report suite changes or is no longer used by the organization.

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v-tiwri 23-04-2018

I agree. We frequently get requests from users on how to change their default Report Suite.

kaylorwells 03-01-2019

I think there is a huge need for this, and for the feature to include Virtual Report Suites as well! I just created a new VRS and want to easily apply it to all of my marketing department.. but I dont have an easy way to do so.

This would help greatly with adoption of VRS within companies!

lanel81268206 22-01-2019

I agree.  It's frustrating to view your results, then have to think, wait am I in the right Report Suite?  Only to have to keep changing it over and over again each time you run a new report.

kumararajak 23-07-2019

Hahaha, I had an escalation due to this once. It would be useful if this functioanlity is facilitated


We are evaluating adding a "User Settings", where users can control everything from Color palettes, to individual Viz settings. We place to allow for default report suites at that time.

In the meantime, the report suite is picked based on recency & frequency algorithm. As the user uses a particular suite more, it should automatically be the suite that their new projects start from.


Consolidating this thread into Analysis Workspace: User Settings (e.g. setting default options) - please add your votes there!