Great suggestion, @michael-jet. We are definitely planning to do this, we just didn't get a chance to add it before the release last week. 



This is an interesting one @michael-jet !


@benjamingaines, just to add some details (something like my Xmas wishlist !), it would be great if we could have an option to activate / deactivate display of calendar events on trended visualizations for example.


Or even better, have a different visualization that would render only calendar events for the time range, that we could display above/under a trended visualization and collapse/expand when we need it.


Ok, actually I have a lot more ideas to improve calendar events feature itself but I should write a separate post for that...





I like the above ideas and would add to this a suggestion that the display of calendar events within a Workspace panel were to be not only optional and based upon a date range (and report suite), but were also able to be associated (along with the date range) with a segment or segments and/or in combination with metrics/calculated metrics (with which the library of calendar events would also necessarily have to themselves be created and associated.)  So in this way, the calendar events would be displayed contextually (and more relevantly), not only by date, but also when certain criteria related to segments and/or metrics were in use (e.g., Orders during "Black Friday Sale 2015" (date range, or the calendar dates within this range) for segment ECOMSITE1.)




I'd very much like to be able to tie calendar events to specific demensions/metrics (where appropriate).


For instance at the moment if we log a calendar event for something that affects our application start event, the calendar events shows up everywhere - it would be great if it only showed in a when someone was using the application start event.




Very good ideas folks. Keep them coming and keep upvoting. This is great feedback for the feature.




It would be great if there was a 'flag' in ranked reports to show that a canlendar event exists in the time period you are using.


The only way to see calendar event is in a trended report; however, it's potentially just as relevant to know there may be something affecting the data in a ranked report


It would be great if this could also be considered 🙂



@andreww: Agreed. We could do a better job showing these flags in a ranked view. This is a good point that we'll keep in mind as we work toward making Calendar Events available in Analysis Workspace (which, as @JGrover noted with his status change above, is something we've got on our backlog to add to the product soon). 



@michael-jet: We need this fuctionality as well. I hope we get to see this added soon!



This was rasised a year ago and still nothing in plan for 2017 from Adobe.


This is a big productivity win for us to also help drive deeper and richer insights if it can happen.

Can someone please update on the status and how we can make it happen for first half of 2017? Otherwise we need to build our own internal solution.




Hi jkal. This feature is definitely on our radar, but it will likely not be happening in the first half of 2017 as we focus on a number of other major projects which represent even bigger opportunities for many of our customers.