Animated Bubble Charts



Bubble charts which can animate bubbles to show movement/size across time periods (Google analytics already do this). And to be able to output a flash animation of this report to place in PPT presentations

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These are in GoogleDocs and I have seen a couple using Omniture data. Very powerful, not only cool. 



To James and all who voted for this feature. I'm happy to see that Bubble charts are getting some attention in Discover 2.9. Question - Are you using bubble charts today without the animation in place?



Hi Tim, I do use bubble charts quite a lot although in my view the primary limitation of them is that, unless animated, they don't convey the performance of a data series over time. I think if this were changed to mirror the Google functionality that this would greatly increase their usage - especially if they could be exported into a power point slide...senior level management love this type of thing. I acknowledge the new Discover 2.9 bubble chart functionality if pretty good - but I think the animation piece plus export is needed to finish it off.



@James_wawne I agree that buble charts, unless animated, are much less dynamic with the data when looking at relationships between multiple entities over time. I have been having to try to do some in Google but that is a pain unless you are a developer. So, I have been having to do more of the Excel/LibreCalc backend manipulation of the vizualization.