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Add Bar and line chart totals


Level 4


Description - In a displays settings, have the ability to display individual data-point totals. 

For example, this will allow an analyst to display the totals for each bar in a chart (see image).  

  • In the display settings you could set the display to be in top, or inside the bar top.  
  • when the width of the chart is decreased, the totals will begin to show only every other bar, and eventually only the max/min as the display grows skinnier.  
  • can apply to vertical bars, horizontal bars, lines, and areas

bar totals.jpg


Why is this feature important to you - easier digestion of the data for leadership.  I have seen in many cases they will hover over individual bars, but this would be easier if they were already displayed.  

How would you like the feature to work -

See explanation above.

Current Behaviour -

you have to hover your cursor or just select max/min for lines.