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Allow for numeric qualifiers to be used when segmenting counter eVars


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I had a ClientCare ticket open and through my interaction with the agent, I found that counter eVars could not be segmented by the less than or greater than qualifiers for a segment condition.  Instead, these qualifiers are meant to only be used with "Total (events)" as the condition, like Total Social Shares is greater than 1.  I could not do a similar segment with Total Social Shares if I had a Total Social Share counter eVar increment "+1" on each share.


Since the values in a counter eVar are numeric, it would be incredibly beneficial to be able to properly group counter eVars based on values being greater than or less than a specific value or set of values.

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Segment creation should support less/greater than conditions for Counter eVars.. for ALL products not just data warehouse.  Kinda defeats the object of a counter eVar if you then can't create a segment on numeric value conditions.