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Alerts should be time-specific


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SiteCatalyst users should have the option of setting time-specific alerts so that we don't receive alerts during periods of time when traffic slows down to the sites (i.e. overnight) but we do receive alerts if, say, traffic is down during the middle of the day.

Adding a feature to the alerts to allow a time frame would greatly improve the alert functionality, and the alerts would be much more useful to SiteCatalyst users.





Would it work if hourly alert comparisons were made as percentage change over that same hour during a previous day, week, etc.? In other words, would it do the trick if you could say, "for the 3:00 AM hour, compare to 3:00 AM for the past 30 days and only send me an alert if the current day is more than X% (or X standard deviations) different?"


Or are there other reasons why you might want to be able to shut off alerts entirely for certain date ranges or times of day?


Level 4


Adding to Ben's comment ...


The alerts functionality need to be customisable per report by the end user.  To be very useful, I'd like the ability to set alerts that it will:

1) compare data for the X time period (eg, last hour / yesterday etc), against

2) the average for the same selected time period for the last Y weeks, and

3) alert me if the difference is + or - Z% different.


eg, alert me if the Visits to Page 'abc' in the last hour (Tue 08:00-09:00) was lower by >25% than the last 8 weeks average (ie, the average Visits for the last 8 Tuesdays during 08:00-09:00).